Air Traffic Management Projects

En Route Automation Modernization [ERAM]
The en route air traffic control computer system is considered the "heart of the NAS [National Airspace System]."  ERAM is in the process of modernizing the en route air traffic control system.  Indigo Arc is a major subcontractor on ERAM providing support including system architecture, systems engineering, system safety and reliability engineering, software development, early systems/software integration, system integration, system stability and failure modes testing, test infrastructure management, test tool development, lab management, and system deployment to the twenty Air Route Traffic Control Centers (ARTCC).
SWIM is one of the FAA's key enabling programs for the Next Generation (NextGen) Air Transportation System.  Indigo Arc system architects lead the definition of the system architecture for the portion of SWIM Segment 1 allocated to the ERAM program.  Indigo Arc system engineers are also helping to define the changes required to integrate ERAM SWIM into ERAM M&C operations and the ERAM physical architecture.

User Request Evaluation Tool [URET]
Indigo Arc contributes to technical enhancements to URET through systems engineering analysis and software development.  Key Indigo Arc engineers share the role of Duty Engineer with other engineers on the URET team to handle significant operational site problems as they occur.

Indigo Arc system owners support the monitor and control of production systems and provide second-level support for operational problem resolution. Indigo Arc software engineers designed a replacement for the Flight Briefing engine on AFSS, leading to a potential 5-fold improvement in response times and significant cost savings.

New Enroute Center [NERC]
Indigo Arc software engineers support the evolution of the high availability communication software design at the heart of the UK NERC system.