Indigo Arc on the NARA ERA Project

Indigo Arc, LLC was engaged on the development phase of the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) Electronic Records Archive (ERA) program starting in 2007, working closely with a large SI. Our consultants worked on a number of tasks and across the development and deployment life-cycle. Indigo Arc was engaged in Systems Engineering, Software Engineering, Early Systems Integration, Integration & Test, and were engaged deeply as System Owners on the system. The Indigo Arc team was initially engaged to work on the Executive Office of the President (EOP) program, and then our support was expanded to cover other aspects of the NARA ERA program: Base, EOP, Preservation, and Online Public Access.

Key program tasks allocated to Indigo Arc included

  • Evaluation of storage technologies and an early look at options
  • High-level consulting with software organization to setup procedures and exit criteria for Early System Integration before hand off to Test
  • Define the process for release management, release deployment in labs, and release deployment to the operational facility
  • Define processes and tools to be used for system monitoring to assess performance and stability

Software Engineering tasks handled by Indigo Arc developers included

  • J2EE EJB development to generate XQuery codes
  • XQuery development for MarkLogic XML database
  • Development and testing of Webmethods (Software AG) scripts for deploying software into the system – labs and production
  • Development of the Location servicem which identified the location of files after archiving
  • Development of the Object identify service, assigning object identities for each archived file
  • Assist application teams in leveraging above services to meet objectives of their applications
  • Development of front-end, and back-end capabilities on the OPA & Preservation systems. (Java, XML)

System Owner and Integration tasks handled by Indigo Arc personnel included

  • Manage multiple concurrent deployments to multiple labs and the production facility
    • Coordinate with developers, COTS personnel, Testers and business line managers to execute the necessary pre- and post-deployment tasks and activities, extensively dealing with clustered Weblogic 10.x, WebMethods, Marklogic 4.1, Oracle 10g RAC, and the Velocity Search Engine
  • Execute pre- and post-deployment tasks and tests for labs and production systems
  • Provide guidance and management of automated deployment scripts and modules for complete deployment and logging solutions
  • Develop scripts for automation of release deployment
  • Primarily responsible for release deployment in the test labs and staging and supporting of deployment to the production environment, including providing deployment guides
  • Provide critical system integration and troubleshooting support of lab, staging and production systems, including act as the 1st line of debugging support for the test and production systems
  • Provide Oracle RAC and MySQL Enterprise Cluster administration, support and troubleshooting
  • Provide troubleshooting and integration support with running Oracle on NetApp filers
  • Provide staging/production life-cycle support for weekly to bi-weekly rollouts and updates
  • Modify/Manage/Tube PL/SQL Sequence Monitoring/ETL scripts and packages
  • Provide cluster configuration and troubleshooting on data nodes, management nodes and cluster engine for MySQL Clusters
  • Provide RMAN Guidance in Backup/Restore protocol and operations as well as hot backups for operational application deployments
  • Provide integration support of Sun One LDAP and OpenLDAP including writing exports to ldif and authoring/modifying LDAP changes as well as with ldif scripts
    • Configure and manage LDAP and Weblogic servers across the multiple lab environments