Sleep Lab Management [SLaM] Platform

The Indigo Arc SLaM platform for sleep lab management is a robust cloud-based service
that addresses the requirements & needs of all the stakeholders in a sleep lab operation. SLaM capabilities & features span the needs of the business managers, physicians, sleep technologists, office staff, referring physicians, and patients.

The flexible workflow and audit capabilities of the system help increase efficiencies and deliver better care to the patients. The platform seamlessly integrates sleep study analysis workflow management and electronic medical records management. The built-in notifications and alerts associated with the workflow capability ensure timely delivery of care to the patients and supports the creation of metrics to help increase business efficiencies.

Sleep Apnea

The temporary stoppage of breathing during sleep, often resulting in daytime sleepiness. Apnea is a Greek word that means "want of breath".
Our platform manages the clinical and laboratory processes and data, reducing staff labor, paperwork, and makes the data available to physicians and staff securely anywhere, anytime. Additionally, the system provides a secure portal for sharing patient data and communicating securely with referring physicians.

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A secure patient portal gives patients access to their case information so they can enter patient information, get 
notified of appointment reminders, and have a secure way to communicate online with sleep center personnel.

To learn more about what the platform offers, review the features of the system, sign up for a free strategy consultation, or view screenshots of some of the features of the platform.