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Indigo Arc is a thought leader in the healthcare IT domain, focussed on solutions targeted at Sleep Centers to help them manage patient care, processes, and business aspects of a sleep center practice. Indigo Arc publishes a monthly email newsletter, addresses issues that are relevant to sleep centers, staff, physicians, and managers. Our hope that is these articles bring benefits to all the different constituencies that we serve.

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Creating a Positive Environment for Both your Staff and Patients
When patients are happy, they stay committed to a treatment. When staff are happy, they enjoy their work. The secret is creating a positive environment at the sleep center.  View Full Article
Employee churn is a major problem that several sleep centers face today. To prevent it, ensure that you make the sleep center a better place to work.   View Full Article

How Sleep Centers get a Bad Rep (and Ways to Avoid it)
You believe that your sleep center has all the qualities that will draw people to come for treatment. Yet, so far, the response has not been overwhelming. There could be a serious reason - the center is getting a bad reputation. Read on to find out about situations that cause a bad reputation and how to avoid them..       View Full Article

At The Sleep Center: Dealing with Difficult Patients
While most of us would like to avoid facing difficult patients in a sleep center, it is just not possible. However, there are a few easy-to-use strategies that can help deal with them effectively. Here are some of them.  View Full Article
Considering the rise in sleep disorders in children, the best way to grow your practice could be setting up a pediatric sleep lab.   View Full Article

Tips on How to Keep Your Sleep Center Properly Staffed
An important part of managing a sleep center is finding the right people to operate it and ensure that they perform their tasks properly.       View Full Article

Top 5 Characteristics of Successful Sleep Technicians
The responsibility of managing a good part of the day-to-day activities in your sleep center rests on the shoulders of your sleep technicians. They do this with the help of 5 key traits.       View Full Article

Ensuring That Your Sleep Center Provides Excellent Patient Care
Whether it is to grow your practice or expand your sleep center operations, providing quality patient care is the key..  View Full Article
The design of the sleep center plays an important role in how your patients feel at the facility. To ensure patient comfort, it is best to seek the help of a professional interior designer.   View Full Article

Most Frequently Asked Patient Questions, and How to Deal with Them
Nearly all sleep centers get patients who are anxious and have a lot of questions on their mind. The key to making them comfortable is answering their questions and reassuring them. Be prepared for their questions with these FAQs.       View Full Article

Sleep Technology: Why Portable Sleep Monitoring Devices Won't Replace Sleep Centers
Portable sleep monitoring devices cannot replace sleep labs but offer them the opportunity to expand their services and market reach.  View Full Article
Continuing medical education (CME) provides sleep medicine professionals and sleep center staff an opportunity to broaden their horizons.   View Full Article

Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Sleep Center Management/Operations
A few simple and easy to implement tips can make a significant difference in your sleep lab management.       View Full Article

AASM Sleep Center Accreditation: The Whole Picture
An AASM accreditation is the highest standard for the country’s sleep programs and offers a competitive advantage for sleep laboratories.  View Full Article
Accepting and leveraging the changes proposed in the health care reform will help sleep centers maintain and/or improve quality and stay competitive.   View Full Article

Helping Sleep Technicians Manage Time Off Without Compromising Patient Care
A step by step plan to help sleep technicians take some time off without compromising patient care.   View Full Article

How to Manage Multiple Sleep Center Location Without Stretching Yourself Too Thin
When you are managing multiple sleep centers, cutting costs and efficient use of resources is important.  View Full Article

Sleep Lab Management: How to Improve Patient Compliance
Ensuring patient compliance is one of the biggest issues of sleep lab management. You need to make sure that you develop a strong bond of trust and provide quality services to make the patient comply with the treatment.   View Full Article

Top 10 Health IT Cost Savings Measures for Your Sleep Centers
Some IT cost saving measures can prove to be a very effective in increasing the profitability of your sleep center.   View Full Article

Tips and advice on how to find the best location to expand your sleep center operation. Learn how to identify the market and use demographic data to your best advantage.  View Full Article

Tips and ideas for designing your sleep center for maximum patient comfort, and minimizing “First Night” issues.  View Full Article

Continuing education credits are not only a good idea for your sleep staff; they are required to keep your facility’s accreditations in order. Learn about specific classes that would benefit you & your staff.  View Full Article

Managing multiple sleep labs can be tough. Learn how to surmount the challenges, as well as how to add value to multiple locations.  View Full Article

Keeping overnight workers focused and motivated can be challenging, for Sleep Centers and all businesses. Sleep centers are uniquely qualified however to deal with these challenges.  View Full Article

Even when setting clear goals of what you want from your HIT solution, many clinics implement a solution, only to have a clear case of “buyer’s remorse.” Here are 7 of the most common reasons why HIT can fail, often leading to requests for de-installation.  View Full Article

Referrals from physicians is a major part of a Sleep Center's business. To increase patient volume, you need to treat this part of the practice with the same rigor as you do the technical aspects of the business.  View Full Article

An integrated suite to help you manage your patient records, sleep lab resources, and staff are an absolute must in order to run a success Sleep Center Practice. There are a lot of solutions out there, but do they really meet the requirements of a Sleep Center?  View Full Article

Top 10 Questions to Ask When Deciding on a Sleep Center Software Vendor
How to best evaluate your software vendors, and prevent 'gotchas' that hurt you later.  View Full Article