Creating a Positive Environment for Both Your Staff and Patients

Ever wondered how to increase staff and patient retention at your sleep center? One of the secrets is to create a positive environment in which both your staff and patients are happy. The concept of such an environment hinges on one factor - that the people in it enjoy being there. If they are in a positive workplace, employees will most likely wake up in the morning and be excited about coming to work. 

The first time patients come in for consultation or treatment, they will be anxious. This anxiety can be reduced if they are in a positive environment. This may also help them heal faster. Patients, once they experience a positive environment, will feel like returning, which will increase their commitment to the treatment at the center.

Transform the Environment at the Sleep Center for Your Patients

The receptionist and others at the front office in a sleep center are the people who come in contact with patients first. The impression they make will play a big role in patients deciding whether they want to undergo tests and treatment at your center or not. 

  • Your staff should look presentable at all times. If they follow a dress code or have a uniform, it should be in top condition. The colors of their uniforms should have a calming effect. 
  • They should greet patients with a smile and be pleasant at all times. Patients' anxiety levels can be lowered if your staff is pleasant with them. 
  • Ensure a comfortable arrangement at the center for patients who stay overnight for sleep studies. Make provisions that will allow them to call for help quickly. The rooms in which patients stay should be clean and have all the facilities that will make their stay comfortable. 
  • If you have staff members who have a good sense of humor, have them interact with patients. They will be able to make patients feel comfortable by sharing jokes and helping them see the light side of situations. 

Create a Positive Workplace for Employees

You can create a positive environment for your employees by following these tips:

  • Periodically assess their work-load to ensure that it is manageable. This will reduce the stress on your employees. It will also free up their mind-space, which will allow them to take the steps needed to make patients feel comfortable. Also, they will be able to establish a healthy work-life balance. 
  • A key factor that affects employees' satisfaction with their work is the scope they have for professional development. They should feel challenged with responsibilities that can help them advance in their careers.
  • Show that you care. Let your employees know that you care about their well-being by offering them programs that are directed at improving their health, like workshops for smoking cessation and weight-loss. You should also ensure that the cafeteria food is healthy and low-fat. When your employees realize that you care about their well-being, they will come to work with a positive mindset. 
  • Set up a system that allows for peer support. With people spending several hours a day together, they will be able to spot changes in a colleague's behavior triggered by a problem the person is facing. Through a peer support network, they will be empowered to help the colleague in a structured and systematic way. 
  • Develop positive values in the organization. This will allow the staff at the center to provide good care and services to patients. The services extended to patients and the equipments used in testing should be of high quality. When your patients know that they are getting the best, they will be encouraged to return to the center to complete the treatment. 
  • Give positive reinforcement. Compliments, raises, certificates of achievement, promotions and bonuses are a few examples of this type of reinforcement. This will encourage employees. It will also go a long way towards creating a positive environment.

Signs that Your Sleep Center has a Positive Environment

You can easily find out whether your sleep center has a positive environment. Here are a few signs to look for:

Employees are committed: They give their best in their tasks and deliver what is expected of them. This is possible when they have workloads they can manage comfortably. Employees will go the extra mile to make sure that their responsibilities are taken care of. 

Staff and patients communicate openly: They discuss issues and find ways to solve them. Instances of people assigning blame on others are few and far between. In addition to openly discussing matters that need attention, they also give positive feedback to each other. 

If your staff is positive, your patients too will have the same attitude. There is a big benefit to having happy patients - they will come back for the complete treatment. With your staff playing such a crucial role in ensuring patient commitment, it is important that you make efforts to keep them happy.

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