Top 10 Questions to Ask When Deciding on a Sleep Center Software Vendor

Okay, you understand the need for sleep center management software. You have done some research on the feature sets you feel you require. So now you want to know how to choose the right vendor? Here is a list of the top 10 questions you should ask when making your decision.


1. What can I expect in IT support?

If you do not have your own IT department, and chances are you do not, then the level of IT support you get from your solutions provider is essential. The level of IT support you can expect from your vendor can have a significant impact if and when you should have any difficulties with your system. Knowing that you will have immediate assistance anytime of day or night if needed - remember we are taking about sleep centers after all - can be very reassuring, especially if that is part of their upfront contract.


2. Is your system customizable?

Turnkey off-the-shelf solutions can be great and affordable – but not all sleep centers are one-size fits all. Ask if the system can be tailored to the unique aspects of your particular operations.


3. How secure is my patient’s data, is the solution HIPAA compliant?

Security and privacy issues are extremely important when considering any kind of Healthcare IT solution. You want to know whether the solution is secure and also what the vendor’s responsibility is in the event of a breech.


4. What makes your solution different than the others?

This may seem like an obvious question, but you need to ask it. What you may want to listen for is a response that tells you this vendor really knows the needs of a sleep center, or even specializes in the sleep industry.


5. Can you provide a thin client or Software as a Service Solution?

This is a very important question in maximizing efficiency and your budget. If the answer is “yes” this means that you will not have to invest in buying any new hardware or software. All you need is an internet connection with a browser to be able to use the solution.


6. How can your solution help me build relationships with referring physicians?

You want a solution that can not only run your business, but also help you build your business. Ask your potential vendor what tools are in their system to help you increase referrals. One answer you want to look for is if it provides a portal for referring physicians to have easy access to patients’ data.


7. What is the learning curve, and how available will you be to help my staff?

You want a system that is easy to use, but also a vendor that is willing to “hold your hand” for as long as is necessary to be sure all staff and techs are up to speed on the software.


8. When was the last version of your solution released, and when is the next one planned?

The answer to this question will let you know a few things – how up to date is the software and how responsive the vendor is to making changes to improve their product.


9. Can I speak with someone who implemented your solution at least six months ago?

This will give you some real world feedback from someone in your industry.


10. How many of your customers under annual contract have renewed?

This will give you a good gauge of overall customer satisfaction.

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