Sleep Lab Management [SLaM] Screenshots

Here are some screenshots of the Indigo Arc SLaM platform. Click on the images below to see a detailed view of the image.

General Sign On Page

The Sign on page to the Indigo Arc SLaM system is the only entry point into the system, and ensures only authorized personnel can access the system. All interaction with the system is encrypted, to protect against unauthorized access.

The level of access users get after authentication depends on their assigned roles & responsibilities

General Home

Dynamic home pages, based on roles & responsibilities. Workflow steps drive the population of the inbox, and that in turn drives the business process to provide accurate & complete care to the patients in a timely manner.

Sortable tables allow users flexibility in how they handle tasks assigned to them. 

Physician Report Download

Physicians have access to technician scored reports as well as raw data that they can download to review before doing their online interpretation. 

Business Activity Monitoring - Business Summary Information

The BAM summary tables give you a view into the current state of all studies in the system. All the table data are entry into detailed reports about studies/patients in that particular stage.

Business cash flow data can also be summarized on a custom table report.

Business Activity Monitoring - Lab Utilization Details

This table is an example of more detailed utilization data that can show you how well your labs are utilized, and the outlooks for each of them.

Business Activity Monitoring - Graphical Reports

The system generates graphical reports that can tell you, at a glance, your lab utilization, reports scored, intepretations, etc. You can select the date range, and additional reports can be created for users on request.

Lab Scheduling

Centralized lab scheduling capabilities, allowing you to schedule all your labs, and ensure that you have staff assigned to the labs where patients are scheduled. 

Automated notification of appointments for patients in part of the system, as reminder notifications.

Patient Portal

Secure access for patients to their own data. The patients have the capability to fill in questionnaires and other forms pre-visit. Secure messaging between patients and Sleep Centers is part of the patient portal.

Referring Physician Portal

Referring physicians have access to their own patients with the Sleep Center. They are notified when interpretations are ready for their patients & have a secure portal to access this data.

The portal also provides a secure platform for communications between the referring physician offices & the sleep center.

Patient Reports

Patients reports, including signed interpretations are available online for authorized Sleep Center personnel, as well as affiliated clinics on a as needed basis.